New article published in Advanced Materials

A new paper titled ‘3D-Printed Biohybrid Microstructures Enable Transplantation and Vascularization of Microtissues in the Anterior Chamber of the Eye‘ was published in Advanced Materials today.

This study introduces a pioneering approach for transplanting biohybrid microstructures into the anterior chamber of the eye. This technique combines biological cells with sensors to detect subtle physiological responses with precision. Overcoming challenges related to pupillary dynamics, the method ensures secure transplantation and prolonged functionality of microstructures housing pancreatic islets. Even more striking, these islets develop a blood supply, offering exciting prospects for improved disease modeling, treatment efficacy, and engineered tissue vascularization. This breakthrough redefines possibilities in bioengineering and regenerative medicine, providing hope for enhanced medical treatments.

link to the article

link to the press release at KTH