Herland lab at EurOoC in Graz

The KTH team spent two engaging & enjoyable days in Graz, Austria, at the European Organ-on-Chip conference.

Isabelle & Dimitris presented posters with their latest research results. Dimitris won one of four Travel Grants with his poster.

Thomas gave the Highlighted Presentation in the session on “Materials, analytics and in-line sensing”. His talk was awarded Best Paper at the closing ceremony.

Prof. Herland gives Keynote lecture

New Review published in Advanced Materials

Our expansive review paper “Conjugated Polymers for Assessing and Controlling Biological Functions” was published in Advanced Materials today. The article will be part of an issue dedicated to Professor Olle Inganäs (Linköping University) on the occasion of his Professor Emeritus title. Together with A.L. Rutz and G.G. Malliaras at the University of Cambridge, we discuss the use of conjugated polymer materials in five biologically oriented research topics: electrophysiology, tissue engineering, drug release, biosensing, and molecular bioelectronics.

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New Paper published in Nature Biotechnology

The article “A linked organ-on-chip model of the human neurovascular unit reveals the metabolic coupling of endothelial and neuronal cells” was published in Nature Neuroscience today. The research illustrates how fluidically linked Blood-Brain Barrier and Brain Organ Chips offer new methods for studying the effects of drugs and disease on the brain and its blood vessels.

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New intern joins the group

Today, Simon Feillée joins the Herland group as our newest internship student. He is pursuing a degree at Mines Paristech in France, and for her internship project will be working with Isabelle and Thomas on the controlling the surface chemistry of a novel polymer for microfluidic device fabrication.

New ERASMUS+ intern joins the group

Today, Eva Stronkman joins the Herland group as our newest ERASMUS+ internship student. She is pursuing a degree at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, and for her internship project will be working with Thomas on the novel device fabrication methods for brain on a chip devices.

New Master’s student joins the group

Today, Dimitri Wirjowerdojo joins the Herland group as our newest Master’s student. He is getting his degree in Molecular Techniques in Life Science, and for his thesis work will be working with Dimitrios on the evaluation of hypoxia-induced astrocytic commitment of neuroepithelial stem cells.