Research featured in ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals)

Our recent research article titled ‘Low-cost microphysiological systems: feasibility study of a tape-based barrier-on-chip for small intestine modeling‘ which was published in Lab on a Chip earlier this year, was featured in the News and Views section of the journal ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals).

Organs-on-Chips will be critical to reducing animal experiments in the future. There are many challenges still to overcome toward their widespread use, one important challenge being the high cost and complexity of manufacturing current systems, both commercially or in an academic setting. In our work, we showcase a functional Barrier-on-Chip of the small intestine, fabricated using very simple and low-cost methods that practically anyone can implement in their lab, but that can also be adapted to large-scale industrial manufacture. We hope that this can make Barrier-on-Chip technology much more broadly accessible, particularly to researchers and prototypers in low-resource environments.

Comments from Prof. Anna Herland on the feature in ATLA

Link to the feature in ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals)

Link to the original research article in Lab on a Chip